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Have you always wanted a taste of famous Maine lobster? Our live lobster delivery service, Beal’s at Home, can give you just that!

Imagine a steaming stock pot, the fresh scent of lobster plucked straight from the salty sea, the satisfying crunch as you crack into this delicacy, and the sweet, succulent taste of a dish you thought you could only have after a visit to our beautiful state. Now you can enjoy the taste of fresh Maine lobster from Beal’s Lobster Pier all year long. Our live lobster delivery service will ship lobster overnight to your home anywhere in the U.S. (shipping is included in the prices; $20 extra for Saturday delivery). We’ll deliver live lobsters, and fresh or frozen lobster meat straight to your doorstep. Just be sure to place your order by 10 AM the day before desired shipping date for cooked lobsters, or before 12 PM on desired shipping day for live lobsters.

If you’re a little bit unsure as to how big you should go, or if you’d like more than 10 lobsters, give us a call.  You can reach us at  (207) 244-3202 or by email at If you’ve never tried making lobster before, we can help you out there as well. Check out this page for instructions about steaming, boiling, and cracking into this delicious seafood favorite.

Our Beal’s at Home service doesn’t just offer live lobster delivery – we can also ship scallops. When the temperatures drop, the scallop season begins, and we’re happy to offer you these delicious saltwater morsels in addition to your order of live lobster.

Now you can enjoy a fresh Maine lobster dinner hauled straight from the salty sea. You can also check out some of our recipes to make something new and exciting for your family. We offer instructions to make lobster martinis, lobster risotto with mushrooms, and lobster cornbread stuffing!

Use our live lobster delivery service today and have a beautiful meal prepared by tomorrow – we guarantee it’ll be a hit with your family and friends.