Boaters Welcome

Boaters are welcome at Beal’s Lobster Pier!

Maine is a boater’s dream. With thousands of miles of coastline snaking into inlets and hidden coves and various beautiful islands, there’s always a new place to discover. Southwest Harbor offers sailboat rentals, sailing lessons, motorboat rentals, and more. There’s really nothing better than enjoying the coast from a boat – we know because we do it every day! Spend some time out at sea, and when you’re done, know that there’s a place for you right here.

At Beal’s Lobster Pier, boaters are welcome. All that sunshine and fun sure can help you work up a good appetite. So we’ve done everything we can to make our place as inviting to boaters as possible. Beal’s Lobster Pier has plenty of space for docking, as well as a fueling station so you can fill up your boat – then you can come on into the restaurant and fill your belly, too.After you’re done, you can hop back into your boat to enjoy the sunset – all without having to venture too far from the beautiful ocean. Don’t forget to tell all your friends that boaters are welcome here. We love to hear about your adventures off Maine’s coast.

Remember that our pier is open year-round! And you can always use our Beal’s at Home service to order fresh, live lobsters, which we will ship to your home! Our Beal’s at Home service also offers scallops. When the temperatures drop, the scallop season begins, and we’re happy to offer you these delicious saltwater morsels in addition to your order of live lobster – think of them as a side that can only come from Maine’s coast.

No matter how you approach it, Beal’s Lobster Pier is a simple, unforgettable experience – and now you can include your boat, too.