From the Pier

The gentle roar of the ocean, the sun setting on the horizon, the salty taste of the sea. Beal’s is more than just a restaurant – it’s an experience. And we want you to share yours with everyone!

Beal’s Lobster Pier has been in operation since 1932 as a year-round, family-owned, working fish and lobster pier. If you swing by Clark Point Road today, you’ll experience a lot of the same things that you would’ve seen more than 80 years ago – fishermen splicing lines, tying off boats, and hauling in nets and traps full of the freshest seafood around. To experience Beal’s Lobster pier is to experience what it takes to be a Mainer who makes a living on the water.

Come in, experience Beal’s Lobster Pier and share the beauty with your friends through photos and posts to social media. During our restaurant’s season from June through September you can snap a picture of beautiful, steamy lobster to make everyone else envious of the meal we pulled fresh from Maine’s salty coast. You can don one of our custom lobster bibs and strike a silly pose, or just take a photo with your friends or family to capture a memory. Enjoy your time here – that’s what it’s all about.

If you come visit from October through May, you can still see what it takes to operate a working fish and lobster pier like ours. Snap a few photos of our lobstermen, or gather your family and take a picture in front of Maine’s pristine coastal waters, but make sure to bundle up. It gets wicked cold out here – we know because we haul in fresh Maine lobster year-round.

Maine is a beautiful place, and we want you to show everyone! Post your photos to Facebook or Instagram, and make sure you tag us!