Our Menu

Please note that at this time, we are temporarily offering a limited menu and we will be adding more items as the season progresses . Thank you.


At Beal’s Lobster Pier, our food is as authentic as the view. We only use the freshest lobsters that come straight from our pier, our beef is Maine-raised and our vegetables are grown by local farmers. We’re here to provide a classic Maine experience, and that means fresh, local ingredients, prepared with passion and served up simply. There’s no better place than Beal’s to come for an authentic taste of Maine’s lands and waters.

As a result, at Beal’s, you’re going to get fresh Maine lobsters done right. We’ve been doing it this way for generations! On top of the classic Maine lobster dinner, Beal’s updates its menu throughout the season with special dishes and scrumptious desserts. This ensures that we take advantage of whatever is in season – from vegetables to the freshest seafood. Plus, we have plenty of gluten free options.

We do all of this with big smiles and a fun casual atmosphere. And don’t forget about the built-in experience. Our own working lobster pier is right outside our door. Sit down and enjoy the views of beautiful Southwest Harbor and Maine’s pristine waters, all while cracking into a Maine lobster dinner freshly hauled from the salty sea.

At Beal’s, we’ll treat you like family, because we know how important that is – after all, our working lobster and fish pier has been a family tradition for generations. We want to give you an experience that you’ll never forget, so stop in to make some memories around a table piled high with a Maine lobster dinner.

The restaurant at Beal’s Lobster Pier will be open from May 20 through mid-October, so come join us in the spring to eat, drink and be messy!  And, of course, all year long you can use our Beal’s at Home service to order fresh, live lobsters, which we will ship to your home!

Lobsters & Lobster Meal Add-Ons

Beal’s Freshly Cooked Whole Lobster
To compliment your lobster, choose from Beal’s Original Buttah™, Beal’s Spicy Buffalo Buttah™, or Beal’s Garlic Buttah™.

1.25 lb to 1.49 lb — $16.49

1.5 lb to 1.99 lb — $20.99

2 lb to 2.49 lb — $29.49

2.5 lb to 2.99 lb — $35.99

priced by the lb
First Mate**
Corn, coleslaw, and cornbread
The Sternman**
1/2 lb of mussels, corn and cornbread
The Captain**
1lb of mussels, corn, and cornbread

Freshly Caught

Mussels*by the 1/2 pound or pound 9.99
Steamers*by the 1/2 pound or pound 9.99

Beal’s Baskets

Fried or Pan Seared
Fried or Pan Seared
Shrimp* 22.99
Chicken Tenders* 14.99
Captain’s Platter*
Pick 2 from: haddock, shrimp, scallops, chicken tenders
Beal’s Baskets served with coleslaw and French fries

Salads and Appetizers

Beal’s Lob-Cobb™*
Chopped greens, tomato, egg, grilled corn, goat cheese, bacon, with succulent Maine Lobster. Option of Citrus, Balsamic, Ranch, & Blue Cheese dressing
Garden Salad*
Baby seasonal greens and veggies from local farms – chicken add 6.99, haddock add 7.99, crabmeat add 10.99, lobster add 15.99
small 5.99
large 7.99
Lobster Bites*
Delicious morsels of fresh fried lobster with lemon-sriracha and ginger-soy dipping sauces
small 18.99
medium 28.99
large 38.99
Dressings: Citrus, Balsamic, Ranch, & Blue Cheese
Beal's Lobster Salad

Chowders & Stews

Cup Bowl
Lobster Stew 9.99 18.99
Clam Chowder 6.99 10.99

Beal’s Famous Lobster Rolls

Classic** With a touch of mayo 22.99
Traditional** Warmed in Beal’s Buttah™  22.99
Garlic Lovers** Warmed in Beal’s Garlic Buttah™ 22.99
Spicy Buffalo** Warmed in Beal’s Buffalo Buttah™ 22.99
Make your lobster roll a Select (50% more lobster meat) for $7.99

Beal’s Sandwiches, Rolls, & Burgers

Lobster Burger**
Freshly picked lobster meat poached in garlic butter, finished on the grill with cheddar cheese, and served on a grilled bun with lemon mayo
The Dockhand Burger**
Maine beef burger with bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Sriracha mayo on a toasted roll
Maine beef burger with tomatoes and lettuce on a toasted roll – add cheese 1.00, bacon 2.00
Haddock Sandwich**
Pan-seared, blackened, or deep fried, with lettuce & tomato on a toasted roll, served with tartar sauce
Chicken Sandwich**
Organic chicken breast, with tomatoes and lettuce on a grilled roll
Crab Roll**
Freshly picked crab meat with a touch of mayo on a grilled, buttered roll
Veggie Burger
With tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles on a grilled, buttered roll
Lobster Grilled Cheese
Freshly picked lobster meat with cheddar cheese and tomato on thick grilled bread
Lobster Tacos**
Freshly picked lobster meat with homemade salsa, slaw, and a lime crema on flour tortillas
2 tacos 22.99
3rd taco $9.00 extra
Halibut Tacos**
Fresh line-caught halibut with homemade salsa, slaw, and a lime crema on flour tortillas
2 tacos 17.99
3 tacos 23.99
All burgers, sandwiches, and rolls served with chips and a pickle.
All can be made gluten free with Udi’s Gluten Free Buns for $1.00.
All tacos can be made gluten free with corn tortillas for $1. Lettuce wrap option also available.
Add cheese for $1.00. Add bacon for $2.00.
Add extra lobster for just $7.99.


Small Large
French Fries* 3.75 5.50
Sweet Potato Wedges* 4.50 6.00
Crispy Onion Rings 4.50 6.00
Coleslaw* 2.00
Corn on the Cob* 2.50
Cornbread** 2.00
Potato Chips* 1.99


Canned Soda
Choice of: Coke, Diet Coke, Sierra Mist, Orange, Root Beer, Ginger Ale)
Dasani Bottled Water 2.00
Unsweetened Iced Tea 2.95
Hot Tea 2.95
Coffee 2.95
Old Soaker Blueberry Soda 3.00
Old Soaker Root Beer 3.00
We also have a great selection of bottled local & craft beers, and wine by the glass or bottle that may change with each season.


Beal’s Freshly Baked Blueberry Pie
with ice cream
Beal’s Whoopie Pie 5.00
Chocolate Torte 5.99
Udi’s Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.00

Kids’ Menu

Haddock Basket with Fries* 7.50
Hamburger/Cheeseburger Basket with Fries**



Chicken Tenders Basket with Fries* 6.99
All Natural Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with Chips** 4.99

Prices and menu items subject to change. Sales tax not included
Consumption of raw or undercooked foods may cause severe illness