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Van O.
2021-Dec-03 via Yelp

Your lobster is assisted by friendly an d knowledgeable staff.  You watch Southwest Harbor while you wait.  The wait is well rewarded with an outstanding meal.

2021-Nov-22 via TripAdvisor

My wife and I visited here twice during our trip over labor day weekend to stuff ourselves with all the delicious lobster after a long day of hiking. It is perfect for takeout, you can order and pay online, then just pick up your bag around the side of the building. They give you a time, so you don't have to wait around and can skip the long line.

I love the lobster rolls, lobster grilled cheese, lobster bites and the chocolate cake (I got 2 cause they are quite small). I would pass on the clam chowder as it was too watery for me. We can't wait to go back. I prefer to go here than the lobster pound shacks that sketch me out.

Doctor S.
2021-Oct-13 via Yelp

Excellent lobster rolls, scallop dinner  and onion rings. Online ordering worked well.  Good has been excellent for years here.

Holly L.
2021-Oct-05 via Yelp

The location on the end of the Southwest Harbor pier can't be beat, especially at sunset. And the food is great too! We tried both the classic Maine lobster roll (cold with lettuce and mayo) and a Connecticut lobster roll (hot with butter). Both were delicious (though I really can't understand why anyone would prefer cold lobster over hot lobster with butter). Accompanied by crispy fries and beers, it was the perfect early dinner (we arrived before 5 and avoided any lines). Blueberry pie was solid but not outstanding. I should note that it was the most expensive meal we had during our stay in Maine - still, I recommend a visit to Beal's, both for the ambiance and the lobster rolls.

2021-Oct-04 via TripAdvisor

On my previous visit to MDI, I ate at another very famous lobster pound in this section of MDI and I thought I'd never eat lobster again in my entire life--the other very famous place only had cold lobster rolls and it was tasteless and I chewed forever to try to swallow it. But I noticed on this visit that Beals' has warm lobster rolls, and fried shrimp baskets so I wasn't stuck with yukky lobster so we decided to try this place. We got there early before a huge crowd so only had to wait inline about 10 min. We have a handicapped tag but couldn't find any parking so had to park a ways off and walk in which wasn't ideal. I got the fried shrimp basket but my sister got the warm lobster roll. Which she couldn't finish as it was so large and let me tell you--I now realize why people love lobster!! It was so tender and delicious! My shrimp was yummy too--so fresh. I would definitely recommend the wonderful experience of eating here--we were here between 5-5:45 pm and it was nice watching the boats coming in for the evening.

2021-Oct-03 via TripAdvisor

The long line was initially intimidating when we came here for dinner on our first night in the Acadia area, but it moved along and we were able to order before long. We had a whole variety of orders, but the lobster roll and the lobster bites were our favorites. In fact, as we ate our way across Mount Desert Island, we decided our best lobster roll was the first one we had at Beal's. A word about the cost of lobster: It is, after all, lobster. It's on the expensive side. The prices here are at market...nobody is gouging customers at Beal's. There's a full bar, and the blueberry margarita is delicious.

2021-Oct-02 via TripAdvisor

If you visit Mount Desert Island in season and don't visit Beal's you are missing out on a high point of the island. This unique eatery is right on the water on it's own pier, is organized to process your order right in front of your eyes for the live lobster you order, the mussels or clams you order by weight, then cook to order and deliver to your designated table on the pier. Wine and beer are available, and you can enjoy chatting to your neighbors while you wait or while you eat and enjoy - a unique experience!

Alden P.
2021-Sep-29 via Yelp

We ended up going 3 days in a row.  Even though we stayed in Bar Harbor we dined here for lunch twice and dinner once.  It was that good!  Even if you have to wait, get a cocktail and get to know the others waiting on line.  We ended up sitting with 2 other couples we met on the " soon to be seated" happy hour event.

I had Lobster roll twice.  Hot   One with Garlic butter one with Buffalo butter.  Expectational!  The best I have had.  And a steamed lobster at dinner.  Steamed lobsters are not all the same.  The open it for you and it tasted better that lobster I had from other places earlier in the week.  

The owner was on site and greeting patrons.  You pick your lobsters from the tank and they are weighed it in front of you.  It adds to the experience.

I daydream about the food still.  Almost a month later.  The staff, view, food and charm made this a repeated stop, and must visit.!

2021-Sep-26 via TripAdvisor

We met friends here for dinner. My husbsnd and I were here a few years ago; Beal's is our friends tradition and favorite in Southwest Harbor. The food was good, but my husband and I found another lobster pound that we prefer. My husband had a whole lobster and slaw, I had a traditional lobster roll.

2021-Sep-24 via TripAdvisor

Open Sunday. Long (45+ min) line. Large seating area. Kindness and very generous tipping encouraged from guests because of covid. Pick out your lobster and it's cooked to order; large menu or combos. Full bar. Food delivered to your table, plastic trays, picks (oddly, no cutlery or crackers provided). Buss your own table.
Lobster was perfectly cooked and delicious. 2 of us with 1-1/2# lobster and 1 side ≈$100.