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Scott S.
2021-Jul-24 via Yelp

Of all the MANY lobster rolls I had on this trip to Maine, Beal's was the best. The lobster was generous, super fresh, sweet and cut right. The bread was a compliment without taking away from the lobster. They have three choices: plain, Mayo or Butter Lovers. The haddock chowder was chock full of fish and goodness. Corn on the cob crisp. Onion rings nothing special but good. Fries nothing special but good. Good swag with nice tee shirts, hats, mugs, etc. Beal's is on the water next to the Coast Guard station in an industrial harbor area.

2021-Jul-22 via TripAdvisor

We celebrated my husband's 65 birthday here and it was delicious and fun at a great setting. You walk in and order at a counter. The person waiting on us was very helpful with how much food to order, given that we don't eat a lot. We shared a meal with a larger lobster and it was the perfect amount. A useful card outlined the steps to approaching your lobster including where to start. Absolutely perfect day!!!

Kim S.
2021-Jul-21 via Yelp

What a fun place! You get to see your lobsters swimming and fighting each other before you eat them! My husband ordered the lobster dinner and I ordered the haddock sandwich which can come blackened, pan-seared or fried. All of our food was incredibly fresh and tasty.

Chuck P.
2021-Jul-21 via Yelp

While on vacation in Maine earlier this month, we (my brother and I) checked out Beal's during the day on July 3rd.  Justin (one of the owners) welcomed us and then gave us a tour of this huge facility-what a treat.  We then all (5 of us) came in for dinner that evening.  We stood in line (no reservations taken) and were able to order drinks while we waited.  Super friendly staff and we were seated in a timely manner.  The food (pictures inserted) was awesome and one of the other owner, Stu, stopped by to see how we were doing.  What a GREAT time we had!

2021-Jul-21 via TripAdvisor

Lobster shack located right on the waters of Southwest Harbor. Fresh local catch picked from the live well and prepared quickly for you to enjoy.

Lobster will be market price. You can choose add ons. I went with the First Mate - corn on the cob, coleslaw, and cornbread. The cornbread could serve as a desert since it is infused with lemon. It’s unusual, and it’s delightful.

My wife ordered a pan seared haddock sandwich. It was amazing. It came with house made chips which were crispy and flavorful.

You can sit inside or out. A staff of teens will bring you your meal when it is ready. They don’t seem to into their jobs. We and several other patrons had to go ask them for a set of crackers and although they had bibs piled at their station, no one we could see was given one. My shirt was proof that bibs were needed.

The food was worth a 5, but the service provided (or more precisely, not provided) drops it a star. Maybe they were just having a bad day.

Jesse J
2021-Jul-21 via TripAdvisor

My group of six finished sea-kayaking after 8PM and went to a downtown Southwest Harbor restaurant. This other restaurant was slammed and turned us away.
What good luck this turned out to be! We soon found that Beal's would "finish the line" as long as we arrived before 9PM.
Parking wasn't too hard to find. The line was long but moving briskly. We could eyeball the menu as we moved up. My wife was quite pleased to see the gluten-free lobster roll offered!
So it's a bit after 9 when we get up front to order. The guy running the show (Stu?) was so friendly and engaging. We did not feel rushed; in fact he offered to bring the ice cream course out late so it wouldn't melt during dinner.
The blueberry martini was very full as the waitress carefully eased it across the table! It was also very good!!
The employees all seemed happy and Stu would go from table-to-table checking on things. Really great atmosphere!
The food? Also excellent.
Pricing seemed in line with other places on MDI.
Thank you Beal's for saving our dinnertime. I am so glad that other place didn't serve us!!

Jeremiah B.
2021-Jul-20 via Yelp

Fresh lobster right out of the ocean in a laid back atmosphere. Drinks from the tiny outdoor bar are good. Prices are fine by me. The one must visit business when I'm in Acadia.

2021-Jul-20 via TripAdvisor

Great food and ambience.

You see the lobsters right in front of you as you order.

We went with cod related items as we already had our fill of lobster, and it was terrific.

Plenty of room on the pier to eat, and you can get some good views if it’s not that busy as you pick your table.

Great service as well.

2021-Jul-19 via TripAdvisor

Although we had to wait in line to eat at Beal's, it was certainly worth the wait! Stu, the owner, came out every once in a while to take drink orders and to "schmooze" with his customers. He also came around while we were eating - very entertaining guy and we really enjoyed talking to him. The food was fantastic. We had the soft shell lobster, which we never had before, and it was wonderful!! If we are ever near Bar Harbor, we will certainly eat at Beal's!!

2021-Jul-18 via TripAdvisor

So let’s talk about Beal’s…after 3 days in Bar Harbor…for our first time in Maine, we have now promised ourselves that we are not eating lobster anywhere else but Beal’s. It’s unreal!!!! We have never had anything else like it and it is less expensive than any other place on Mount Desert Island. Do yourself a favor and don’t eat lobster anywhere else on this island. It has such a fun atmosphere for kids as well. We picked out our own lobsters…my son was able to take cute pics and after eating, we could walk back on the pier and see the lobster boats bringing in the lobster and watch them weigh and purchase them. We are staying in Bar Harbor but are driving 20+ minutes to Beal’s to eat lobster because we refuse to get it anywhere else. It’s. That. Good. Trust me. Don’t eat lobster anywhere else but here!

2021-Jul-18 via TripAdvisor

Delicious ! Amazing lobster rolls. Great service, location, and atmosphere. Definitely one to put on your list of restaurants to visit while in SW Harbor. Dog friendly too !