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2021-Sep-24 via TripAdvisor

Open Sunday. Long (45+ min) line. Large seating area. Kindness and very generous tipping encouraged from guests because of covid. Pick out your lobster and it's cooked to order; large menu or combos. Full bar. Food delivered to your table, plastic trays, picks (oddly, no cutlery or crackers provided). Buss your own table.
Lobster was perfectly cooked and delicious. 2 of us with 1-1/2# lobster and 1 side ≈$100.

Michelle D.
2021-Sep-20 via Yelp

Had the haddock sandwich! It was so fresh and delicious! The Cole slaw and long neck clams were also great! The people working here are so friendly as well and very attentive!

2021-Sep-18 via TripAdvisor

Atmosphere and good food. Stopped by for lunch at what seems to be a popular spot for the tourist crowd, like us! Wife got the small salad with lobster meat. Salad was very small but fair amount of lobster (maybe 1/4 lb) …. $40. I didn’t assume market value was $100+ a pound but my bad for not asking! I had the seafood platter (shrimp, scallops and haddock) and it was really good. Scallops were like butter! Haddock was good as were shrimp, though small to medium sized. The corn meal, or whatever the batter was made with was super light and didn’t mask the seafood. Would recommend for the scallops and batter alone. With a piece of blueberry pie and a coke your looking at $100 for this lunch.

2021-Sep-14 via TripAdvisor

We ate our way around Bar Harbor and I really felt Beals was the best lobster roll out there. I got the garlic lovers lobster roll with a blueberry margarita. Not gonna lie, could eat that every day! I couldn’t afford to though, lobster roll $32.99!

2021-Sep-14 via TripAdvisor

Not necessarily the greatest place in terms of atmosphere (difficult in this time of COVID), but yes, the best lobster I've ever had... and I've had many. Soft shell lobster - so tender and flavorful.

2021-Sep-12 via TripAdvisor

We ate here twice during our time in Bar Harbor and while it is a bit of a drive, the trip is worth every minute. We had whole lobster which you can choose, tried the scallops (fried and grilled, grilled much better) and even the burger and chicken fingers. The whole steam lobster is just excellent. Sweet without butter, soft and tender and each to unshell. With such a simple preparation, I was skeptical that it would taste like any other lobster. To my surprise, it was so much better.

The lines are a little long but they move and the nice thing about this restaurant is that the non-seafood choices are good too so if you have some members of your party not into lobster, just order something else.

2021-Sep-11 via TripAdvisor

A great outdoor environment on a working pier where you see the seafood brought in fresh throughout the day. Prices seem higher than some other places but knowing that the seafood is super fresh and cooked perfectly is worth a lot. We all got various lobster rolls and loved them all.

2021-Sep-09 via TripAdvisor

This place is somewhat hidden. It was crowded too and limited parking. Food was a bit overpriced. My lobster roll was very good but not awesome for the price.

Sara B.
2021-Sep-07 via Yelp

This spot is a MUST!!!!! My partner and I went this past Saturday and it was so good we decided to go back on Sunday and forego trying a different option nearby. Over the two meals we had two lobster rolls (garlic butter and Buffalo), fried shrimp, fried haddock, lobster grilled cheese, lobster bites, and corn. This was my partner's first lobster roll! He had a bite of mine the first night and loved it so much he got his own the next night. That is how good this food is. The lobster is SO fresh and delicious. Everything was cooked perfectly. The lobster bites we got came with an interesting soy and scallion sauce we loved and thought was really unique. We went around 4 both days and the line was short and seating was easy -- it seems this gets more difficult at peak times based on the line when we left! Everyone working there was kind and helpful. It is lovely to sit out on the water and enjoy some fresh seafood. I just wish we could come back here more often!