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2021-Sep-04 via TripAdvisor

This place is the real deal... at an end of a pier. Celebrating 80+ years in business. Fresh lobster. Expect long lines. They don't take reservations. The friendly owner took our order. We ordered 2 Beal's Famous Garlic Lovahs Lobster Roll (the garlic flavor was light not too strong in buttah) [$65.98]; Large French Fries [$5.50]; Small Onion Rings [$4.50]; 2 soda drinks [$5.56]; and the best Blueberry Pie [$7.99]; Total for dinner was $96.69 Don't miss this place! I highly recommend it! The Blueberry Pie was excellent!

K. C.
2021-Sep-03 via Yelp

Had a couple of meals at this restaurant - best whole lobster we had in Maine. You can pick your own lobster and they are boiled. They are soft shelled and come out tasting sweet and like a bite of the ocean. Even though others prepare it the same way, Beal's just taste better and sweeter. No need for butter.

Other in our party had scallops, grilled much better than fried and some non-seafood dishes, chicken tenders were very good and burger was solid.

The line is a bit long but well worth the wait.

Excellent place!

Joseph R.
2021-Sep-03 via Yelp

It's good picnic tables everywhere... Everything is pretty much ridiculously overpriced very expensive to eat there... Buckle up buttercup you're in for a rough ride but seriously how can you beat a deal with fresh Maine lobster for a fabulous lunch after an amazing kayaking trip... I hate to say it but it's kind of like very close to Bar Harbor and there were a lot of entitled bitchy patrons... I was just happier than hell that I wasn't at work......

2021-Sep-03 via TripAdvisor

Oh my goodness was this a nice surprise! One of the local's recommended this place and we had some time to kill so we thought we would check it out and we were so glad we did. I got a Lobster Roll that was one of the best I've had. It was scrumpdillyicious. My daughter got the lobster grilled cheese and there was so much lobster, she couldn't eat it all. I am so glad we found this place. Well worth the drive from Bar Harbor. The GPS took us right to it.

2021-Sep-01 via TripAdvisor

We parked near by and looking at maps there was a lobster house so we decided to try it and walk down the road to it. The Lobster house is at end of the point near the coast guard station. This your classic looking place. You go in and order at the counter. After you order you get a number and go find a table. we were lucky because there was only a few people in line ahead of use. But when we left the line was quite long. My wife ordered the traditional roll which is which with butter not the cold mayonnaise one. They have that also. I got the haddock platter. I am not a big lobster eater but you are in Maine and have to try it. I took a bite of my wife's and it was good and fresh. The lobster is at market price and price of lobster has gone because of supply. The haddock was good but pricey for only 2 pieces. So overall good place, good atmosphere but a little pricey. Would go here again.

2021-Aug-29 via TripAdvisor

We've been here many times, and keep coming back. The lobsters are as fresh as can possibly be, and the side dishes are solid too. If you're looking for a no frills lobster shack, and are not afraid to carry your own tray - then, this is it. Look no further.
We always knew that the lobsters here were the best - but today we also tried the steam mussels and were totally blown away. Sooo good!!
It's too bad they stopped serving clam chowder though. Hope they bring it back by the time we're back. Oh, we're certainly coming back!

Janeen R.
2021-Aug-27 via Yelp

First timer here*** and Beal's did not disappoint!! I am from PA and never had an entire lobster, let alone, pick it out and cooked right that moment. It was so fresh and delicious. And customer service was out of this world. We got seated on the balcony and it was shaded and breeZy. Just a fun experience cracking and eating the fresh lobster!

Cara R
2021-Aug-26 via TripAdvisor

We came here our last night in Maine and we were NOT disappointed! The atmosphere was so fun and lively. Casual which was nice since we had just come from kayaking.
The drinks were good! Food was good! Staff was friendly and talkative which I prefer.

2021-Aug-26 via TripAdvisor

Everyone has their opinion on the best lobster place in Maine. Well this is mine. The warm lobster rolls, with lots of lobster meat, lobster fritters, onion rings, I can go on and in!

2021-Aug-25 via TripAdvisor

BEST lobster roll I had in two weeks in Maine. This is the place! Loved it. Very casual. Water views. Nice people. Great food!