The Pier

The day begins early in Downeast Maine. We rise before dawn, stifling sleepy yawns and pulling on layers before heading to the sea to do what generations before us have always done. Ever since 1932, Beal’s Lobster Pier has been no exception. That was our first year of operation as a year-round, family-owned, working fish and lobster pier. If you swing by Clark Point Road today, you’ll experience a lot of the same things that you would’ve seen more than 80 years ago–fishermen splicing lines, tying off boats, and hauling in nets and traps full of the freshest seafood around. Maine seafood restaurant You’ll see what it takes to be a Mainer who makes a living on the water. And you’ll also get to savor the tastes of our work at our Maine seafood restaurant. This sense of hard work and tradition is apparent in everything we do–at Beal’s, only the freshest will do.

The Restaurant

Maine seafood restaurant

In 1969, after almost four decades of success as a wholesale operation, the third generation of Beals opened a Maine seafood restaurant at the end of the pier. The restaurant’s vision remains the same today as it was then–serve up the freshest seafood to customers, at the doorstep of the working waterfront that makes it possible. Provide a place where folks can pick up cooked or live lobsters to go. And continue to dish out the fine cheeseburgers and fries that have come to personify summer for so many in Southwest Harbor.

Recently we upgraded the dining area and expanded the menu which preserves the experience our old friends love, while enhancing it for the benefit of newcomers. When you eat at our Maine seafood restaurant, you’ll experience Maine lobstering culture at its purest, and you’ll learn why we have spent years reaping the rewards of working on Maine’s beautiful coast. Take it from us–when you’re this close, you can really taste the freshness.

The official lobster roll of the Portland Seadogs.