Beal’s Lobster Pier has been supplying fresh and frozen lobster and seafood from the heart of Acadia National Park to wholesale customers for more than 80 years. Home to our dedicated full-time lobstermen, we also land day boat scallops, shrimp, and halibut as well as local, farm-raised mussels and oysters. We cook and handpick lobsters to make our own fresh lobster meat and ship thousands of it to our wholesale customers!

Beal’s is trusted by many Mt. Desert Island and Bar Harbor restaurants that service the area’s 3 million annual visitors, as well as restaurants as far away as Hawaii. We sell our lobsters by size and can maximize your profits by tailoring the size to your needs. We can also increase your offerings and profits by adding Beal’s Seafood from the pristine Maine coast to your menu. After all, everyone knows that the best lobster comes from New England waters.

Give us a call at 207-244-3202 or email us at wholesalelobster@bealslobster.com